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"Gather family strength &build DEGSON dream together" The 4th DEGSON Family Day Successfully Held

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There is a world in every grain of sand,

behind every enterprise is the support of families.

Families connect Degson with warm and love.

Build on individual dreams and move forward together!


On July 31, the long-awaited 4th Family Day event of the Degson family is held in a grand opening. In order to appreciate employees and their families for their dedication and support to the company, Degson invites employees and their families from all the departments to participate in the Family Open Day activities.

Because of you,wonderful are we.

At the opening ceremony, director Ms. Ru of the company expressed a warm welcome to everyone on behalf of the president Mr. Ding ,through video calls, and expressed gratitude to the family members of the employees for their support and understanding of Degson development.

She said that since the establishment of the company, Degson people have always insisted on steady progress step by step, and have worked hard to create leading positions in many industries. Our brand has penetrated in 13 industries on 5 continents, our products have been highly appreciated by numbers of customers around the world, and our services have been approved by the world's top 500 players.We have got through the severe impact of the epidemic, and we have overcome the problem of the Sino-US trade war and the sudden sharp price increase of raw materials.

All the achievements can not be separated from the support of the employees' families, and this honor also belongs to all the employees' families. At the same time, Ms. Ru also hopes that Degson people can make persistent efforts to build a big family of the company together while building Degson family.

Mr Niu, vice president of Degson, attended the event and delivered an opening speech. Mr Niu said that Degson Family Day has been held for three times, and each time has different surprises.

This year, as the fourth session , more than 140 employees and their families from nearly 50 families have participated in the event. In such relaxing event, Degson would like to bring the feeling for all the families that Degson is always focusing on providing humanistic care of all the employees in order to have more sense of belonging and their families have a more sense of identity. Let’s unite family strength and build dream of Degson together.

Connecting and exploring

Family members are not only physically and spatially connected together, but more importantly,are hearts and thoughts connected. Just the same as Degson’s concept, not dedicating to connector customers’ facilities but understand their real thoughts, and then meet the actual requirement.

In order to let family members to have a deeper feeling of Degson’s culture, and also a more comprehensive understanding of their families as well, we arranged the whole company tour.

Through visiting, they learned that a small connector needs a series of strict organization and cooperation, such as design, development, production, sales and service. And every job, just like every family member needs to be organically gathered together, and every member needs to be organized in an orderly way and cooperates with each other in order to succeed.

Hand in hand is the best communication

On Family Day, there is no shortage of happiness. There are many interesting prize-winning games and interactive project settings at the event site, such as throwing sandbags, jumping lotus leaves with both feet, watermelons with different sizes, grabbing benches and so on. At the scene of Family Day, parents coming from their hometown, are happy to see children’s hard-work and respect  their dreams here. Children of Degson employees were having fun in the game. Hopefully they are happy everyday during the growth.

We always feel that time flies. Children seem to grow up in an instant, and their parents gradually falter. Taking this opportunity, they accompany their parents and take their children to participate in interesting activities in DEGSON. Perhaps what matters is not the content of the game, but the time spent by the people who are with you.

Recording the warm time

It's beautiful and sweet to be accompanied by family members. Every moment of gathering is worth remembering. This moment is a beautiful moment recorded with photos!

Expectation from Ms. Ru

The transmission of enterprise spirit and culture is a long-term inheritance, and Degson Family Open Day will become an important way to transmit enterprise culture . Family is the warmest harbor for everyone, and it is also the permanent driving force for everyone to struggle! There are thousands of roads, but there is only one way home! We, Degson people, are determined to build a world-famous industrial connectors brand, building cooperation partnership and respected by the customers in the world. We expect every employee to grow together with Degson!

The bygone days are long and the future can be expected. As Ms. Ru said: We 3000 DEGSON people will stick to the mission of satisfying customers, making employees happy, appreciating partners and contributing to the society, and making continuous efforts to realize the double growth of material and spirit, career and life.

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